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01/06' -The 05-06 Season was Great!

01/17 -
Closing out the season...

Don was able to close the book on this season with a fantastic hunt. Don shot this buck from the ground on an awsome stalk. The buck scores 144". This is the last entry for the 2005-06 season. Thanks to all of our friends and extended hunting family for another great year!

Team Kisky

Is it fall yet?

01/03 -
"Muzzleloadin" Bucks...

Hey everyone just wanted to share with you all Kaleb's late season muzzleloader buck. Don took him out tonight and he shot this great buck on film scoring 160" with his 45" caliber TC omega muzzleloader. We have great trail pictures to this buck!! Also pictured is Kandi's buck as noted in the previous entry.

Team Kisky

TC did a number on these awsome bucks.


12/26 -
Kisky's Connect...

This year has been the year of close encounters. We have had the wind, limbs, etc screw up more hunts than ever before. When the bucks locked down tight with does, Kandi was able to score on a 141" 10pt at 15yds. It feels good when things have gone as they have for us this year. After a long spell in Early December, Kandi scored again and shot a 150's buck with the 45 caliber Thompson Center Omega muzzleloader at 25 yds. Don did shoot a 140's buck with his bow before gun season. So now Kandi is his full-time camera woman for the remainder of the season. Also we've updated the pictures for the great bucks that Ryan and Doug took recently.

More to come!! Good luck to everyone and stay safe!!
Team Kisky

Don and Kandi with a pair of 140's.

It has really taken some hard & smart hunting this year to place a tag on a nice buck.

12/06 -
Great Eight...

Members of the Kisky team were hunting down in Southern Illinois at the Bottoms bow hunting while Herb Schulz stayed in Pike County, Illinois to scout for the upcoming gun season. Three out of the five nights Herb called with sightings of a magnum 8-pointer. Ryan and Herb teamed up on Thursday December 1, 2005 and had an encounter that evening with the 8-pointer but Herb could not get a shot. Finally Friday night the deer reappeared and strolled right in within range Herb put a great shot on the massive buck!! The buck had split G-2's and a 5-inch drop and the buck gross scored 180". Congratulations Herb and Ryan on an incredible hunt of a lifetime!!!

Team Kisky

Herb won this game of cat and mouse.

12/04 -
A WE#6 Giant...

Owen Reigler shoots his best buck for the next enstallment of Whitetail Extreme.

From Owen:
After having to wait until November 5th to get started hunting and having no opportunities on big bucks early, everything changed in a "big" way on the morning of November 11th. We were in the stand well before daybreak. A small buck came in just before daybreak and worked the area around our stands checking for a hot doe. It would be about an hour later before we would see another deer. At about 7:00 I heard grunting off in the distance, it wasn't long before I could hear the footsteps of deer getting close, followed by more grunting getting closer and closer. Suddenly a doe popped out of the cedars just in front of me and walked the well used trail that went right beside my treestand. Talk about a great feeling!! At that point I knew whatever was trailing her was coming right past my stand, I prepared myself for a shot opportunity though I expected the buck would probably be just a little 1 1/2 year old. Man was I shocked when that giant stepped out only 20 yards in front of me. It seems no matter how long you've hunted you just never expect to see a 194" giant walk out in front of you. At least I never expect it!! I guess that's what makes deer hunting so much fun, you just never know. The giant walked by my tree at only 5 yards and I was lucky enough to make a good quartering away shot at about 8 yards. The deer only went about 40 yards after the shot. He's most likely the biggest buck I'll ever take, maybe the biggest I'll ever see!! I'm just thankful my brother was there to capture it on video to be shared with all.

Smash kill.Look for this great buck on WE VI!

The Kisky's

This has been a tough season for many, but there are still Giants to be had!


11/27 -
Even in tough season there are those special days...

November 19th was one of thos special days when the bucks really seem to be moving.

From John:
The bucks were moving all day Saturday. Early we saw two upper 140 class 8 pointers. Then a little bit later a 20"+ wide 10 that would go close to 160" ran full speed right under our stand chasing 2 does and a small 8 pointer. After a quick bite to eat we were back in the stand at noon. At 1:00 a doe jumped the fence 60 yards in front of us with the big 10 pointer right on her tail. They followed the fence line just out of bow range. We saw a couple more bucks that would go close to 140" but they never offered a shot. One buck was one we tagged "Always". We got him on video several times last year. He went from a 105" 8 pointer to a 135-140" 9 pointer. He's a smart buck and very call shy. He wouldn't even continue to follow the doe he was with because she went by our stand. Then at about 4:30 we saw this buck dogging three does in the creek bottom. He started to walk away but Chris snort wheezed at him and he turned and came back to the does. After several minutes of coaxing with the H.S. True Talker and a bleat can he finally came up the ridge to us and offered a perfect 20 yard broadside shot. He ran about 40 - 50 yards and fell over!! The buck scored 150 3/8" Gross and Net 138" Typical.

From Brady:
Team Members Brady Cowden and Nate Goellner were also successful as Nate filmed Brady rattle this awesome 152" 9 pointer to within 25 yards for a perfect broadside shot. This was the same spot where Brady had a great encounter with a big upper 150" 8 pointer a few weeks back. After a closer look at this buck these guys realized they had great velvet footage of both this buck and the beautiful 155" 10 pointer that Nate harvested on November 5th. Look for a lot more from this team in the weeks to come.

Last night Kandi Connects!
We have had the wind, limbs, etc screw up more hunts than ever before. Lately the bucks have been locked down tight with does. They are finnally starting to break. Kandi shot a 141" 10pt at 15yds. It feels good. More to come!!

Good luck to everyone and stay safe!!

The Kisky's

Gotta love the bucks with a little extra character!

New team member Brady Cowden shows what it's all about.

11/07 -
The team is stackin them up!

It's been a busy year for the Team Kisky members, but we've still been giving it our all in the field and have had numerous awesome hunts as a result so far for WE VI!

The other night for us was smoking! We got super close to a booner 10, a mid-160"s, and a 150" buck. Unfortunately, we got yanked by the wind. But we are going in again to get one!! Here is the low-down on how our guys have been doing this past week:

New Team Members Nate Goellner and Brady Cowden have been hitt'n the woods hard and Nate shot a giant buck in the morning as he rattled and grunted him to within 8-steps of the tree. Another new Team member, Tom Ware (Bucks BeWare Outfitters) scored on a huge buck that scores 171 3/8 Gross! He great buck has a 6 x 6 typical frame. Incredible footage.Check out their pictures below!

November 3, Herb Schulz filmed Ryan McCann that morning passing a great 8-point hoping for a larger buck. Only 30 minutes later a mid 150's walked in and Ryan shot and missed (a humbling experience). Later that evening they moved stand sites and grunted in a giant 9-pointer and smoked him at 30yds. He didn't go 60yds before crashing. The buck scores 166" and has a 20" inside spread!! The footage was great and the buck put on an awesome show while coming to the grunt!! Herb and Ryan have had daily encounters with 140"+ bucks for the last week they were just waiting for Mr. Big!!

Once again John Sharp and Chris Ellis have teamed up to lay the smack-down on some Iowa whitetails. Boy did they ever as this past Saturday John filmed Chris shoot a near 170" buck from the same stand that John shot his 170" from last year. Like Nate's buck he was at a mere 8-steps. Great footage from them once again!!!

Saturday was also good for Shawn Vanlandingham, who took a nice 131" gross Buffalo County, WI buck by rattling and grunting him in. Unfortunately, Shawn was trying to film by himself and was not able to swing the camera arm around for any good footage in time.

Many Congratulations are in order to our Team and to our Forum Members that are having great success. Get ready we have a lot more action coming your way in the coming days!

The Kisky's

Chris and his near 170" Iowa Giant

Everyone was pumped to hear Nate's story!

Bucks had better BeWare of Tom!

Ryan does it again!

Shawn had to work hard and hunt smart for this guy!

09/05' - The Lastest Report

9/16 -
Game On

Is anyone ready for season yet?? Just took these this past week!

The Kisky's


8/21 -
School'n & Bucks...

August 5-7th 2005 held in Troy Missouri at Ryan and Jill McCann's house. Those who attended were:

Jill and Ryan McCann
John and MaryAnn McCann
Herb Schulz
Randy Birdsong
Jason Bosaw
John Sharp
Chris Ellis
Brady Cowden
Nate Goellner
Jim Pierceal
Frank Lane
Doug and Wess Hollandsworth
Brandon Potthoff
Phillip Vanderpool

Those who were not able to attend but are still on Team Kisky are Heath Cisco, Matt Seaton, Teresa Schulz. We missed them allot!!

The school was conducted by Hunters Specialties Phillip Vanderpool for Kisky Productions. We started out the first night with everyone getting to know each other better and watching all of the giant velvet footage from this year. It really got us all motivated for fall 2005. Saturday we got right to business. Phillip focused on color, mics, the settings on the cameras, tripods, setup and etc. We really want to thank Hunters Specialties and Phillip for making the trip. Saturday night was spent unwinding but with lots of hunting stories.

We are blessed to have a talented group of Team Members with Kisky Productions. We are honored they choose our company to work with. We want to give a BIG THANK YOU to Ryan and Jill McCann for opening up their home and entertaining all of the guys!! Get ready because 2005-06 season looks to be very eventful!!

Good luck to everyone this season and we will keep you updated on all of our Team Members success. Also we've been getting some awsome trail cam pics and we thought we'd share a few with everyone.

Don and Kandi Kisky


5/02 -
Youth gobbler and sheds...

We're pleased to report that Ryan was able to send some quality time with his son out in the spring woods turkey hunting. It wasn't too long before it became a successful, and memorable hunt for the McCann family, congrats!!!

Team member Chris Ellis has really been putting in the legwork this spring with his better half. They have now collected many dozens of sheds this spring and we'd like to share a few more of their finds with you all. Way to go guys!!!

Kisky Productions

Kellen was so excited taking this nice bird!

Sometimes sheds almost say, "hey pick me up".
Sometimes they are like finding a needle in a haystack as you can see form the pictures.


4/11 -
Kaleb Takes a Gobbler...

This weekend was Iowa's Youth Turkey season. Saturday morning we decided to hunt with the bow only as Kaleb was up for the challenge. Soon enough, Kaleb had tons of Jakes come within range but he chose to not take one with high hopes for a big tom. After a long sit, we had lots of encounters but couldn't seal the deal on Saturday.

Sunday, had mom sleeping in right away while Don and Kaleb went out where they had two big toms the day before. The toms were coming right in, but then to no avail a hen that intercepted the toms, taking them the other direction. With no immediate luck, they came and got me and then we went to a new lease of ours. Once there, we drove our Bad Boy Buggie all the way to a bottom field where we struck some gobblers. We set up in the bottom field and put only a hen out. We then saw four big toms headed in our direction from a mile away. With a little patience, some luck, and skill we called them in with our trusty Hunters Specialties slate all the way to the decoys !!! Kaleb shot the big gobbler to the left of the group and made a perfect shot!! There is always something extra special when a family member is able to have success, especially if it's your child. Now He is ready for fourth season in Iowa, but for now it's our turn.

We'd also like to mention that Jason Bosaw filmed Jeff Williams from "The Bottoms" shoot a great gobbler last week. Team Kisky will keep you updated on their turkey season. Good luck to everyone!!

Kisky Productions

Kaleb was up for the challenge on this day.

4/08  -
Randy Birdsong & Jason Bowsaw team up on spring sheds...

Randy and Jason have been going hard at it this shed season and their efforts have been paying dividends. They both have been busy the last couple of months trying to pick up as many as they can whenever they have a spare minute. Looks like they are going to have a good crop of 3 and 4 yr. olds this year in their stomping grounds.

They also have taken some time to get in on some turkey action. They've started out by taking Jason's cousin, Kyler Bosaw out. The last couple of weeks they have been videoing him in Kentucky and Illinois's for their youth seasons. Congratulations to Kyler as April 3 was his lucky day laying down a nice Kentucky bird. The large tom was 22lbs. and has a 10in. beard. They are now back out again, hoping to have many more pics to share.

Team Kisky

The warm days of spring are great spent with a youth in the outdoors.


3/28 -
Chis Ellis checks in...

Shed season started pretty slow for me. It's always tough to stay out of my areas when I keep hearing everyone is finding sheds. I also know that a lot of over anxious shed hunters push bucks out of their areas by going out too soon. I kept telling myself that and stayed out of the bedding areas and just concentrated on food sources during mid-day. These early days in the season are also great times to locate new areas to shed hunt. I really have no idea of the bucks that I might be pushing from these areas so I venture a little further in a new area, unless I jump a really good buck. Then I'll back out and watch the area from afar for a few weeks.

On my first outing of the year I found a small 3-point buck, no sheds. The next day I found 3 sheds. The first was a good 66 5/8 typical 5 point that the antler rats had already found before me. I ended the day with a pretty nice 4-point and a small 3-point. Before the week was up I had found 10 sheds and 9 out of the 10 were off of P&Y class bucks. I was thrilled to say the least. I also found a decent 130 class 8 point.


This year, get out and take your significant other shed hunting!


2/19 -
Shed season begins...

Antlers seem to be falling earlier this year in Southern Indiana. I found one fresh shed on the 15th of January and now have a total of nine. All fresh but one and 3 matched sets. This early I usually just hunt the food sources and the edges of the timber as not to spook the deer out of the country. I like to look on cloudy or rainy days to allow me to cover more area faster and feel pretty good about not missing any.We are still seeing several deer with both sides still on. Who knows we may be having a trickle shed season to go along with the trickle rut from this past fall?! Good Sheddin' to you all!

Matt Seaton

Matt is great at paying attention to details when it comes to shed hunting.

2/18 -
Monster Bucks Preview...

After getting settled into the pleasantries of Georgia we spent our first day at Jordan Enterprises. This is the home of Realtree Productions where were joined by our many friends that arrived at the Realtree office to discuss the following days production shoot for Monster Bucks XIII. Besides us and the famed Realtree cast, attendees for the shoot include Archer's Choice TV Hosts, Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo and Getting Close with Lee & Tiffany Hosts, Lee and Tiffany Lakosky. We all welcomed the chance to participate in this year's Monster Bucks Annual Shoot where they have a little fun guiding you through the past season's hunts. After our initial production meeting, the group went out to eat and then got some practice in for the next day.

The second day everyone arrived to the warehouse where we were going to film the shoot. This year's shoot is much different than ever before. Due to some inclement weather.the shoot took place indoors. Jerry Boyles, from Team Bow Masters 3D pop-targets was there and all setup to start the day. Also, John Tate, Realtree's Executive producer was getting all the cameras setup for the right angles for the shoot. It's something to admire how much detail and dedication the put forth in each video segment. Soon enough, all three couples along with Michael Waddell, David Blanton, and Bill Jordan started shooting at the pop-up targets. This was a totally new experience for us! What a "trip" it was to be on the set with such great friends!! The teams were decided by drawing the names out of a hat. Contrary to what you might think, we all were very serious at the shoot and wanted to do well, but also remembered to have fun sharing lots of laughs. You will have to watch both volumes to see who wins!!

The third day we all said our good-byes and everyone left to go home with lots of great memories. On Monster Bucks XIII this year you will see Ralph shoot a monster mulie along with a great kill from Tiffany and one from Don. MB 13 volume 1&2 is both a must see video for 2005!! Along with Kisky's WE#5.

Here is a first hand look at what went down at the Monster Bucks XIII Shoot.

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