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05' Season Report
11/04' - The Lastest Report

11-29 - November ends just like it Started!

Hey all!! We have been so swamped between hunting and managing the daily tasks we all face. Don was able to get out and did shoot a good buck a few days ago scoring 156". As you can see from the photo, the buck had a few non-typical points to give him some character. For our management, this was a good one to get out of the herd. Now we are trying to get Kaleb one on film.

We recently talked with Teresa Schulz. She informed me that Herb filmed her shoot a 138" Nov 20th with the Revolution Muzzleloader by Knight Muzzleloading !! The buck was at 15yds when she took the shot! She made a perfect shot and the buck only went 70yds. This happens to be Teresa's first buck that she has taken on film. She has taken several big bucks in the past too. Congratulations!!!

We also have received word that Ryan was able to keep his string of success going with a successful hunt at The Bottoms in Illinois on a beautiful 148" buck. Again, Congratulations!!!

Here is some pictures of the buck Chris harvested 11-28-2004 @ 8:15 am. The only bad thing about this buck is that John Sharp couldn't make it out to film the hunt. They did take several photos and some interview footage of him. Check out "IowaShedHunters" journal in the forum for the story!

-The Kisky's

The November magic may be gone, but this season's memories will be life long remembered.

11-17 - Bucks keep rolling in!

This sure has been a good November for the Kisky Team and we just wanted to share the Team's latest success.

Randy Birdsong has been at it again! Randy first visited Illinois with his partner Jason Bosaw to see what they could capture on film. Jason was first on the board with his 155 as we reported earlier in the season report. Only a short 23 hours later, Randy was able to take his big Illinois buck on film. Randy most recently visited Nebraska for a return hunt with RK Outfitters. The hopes for some Nebraska big buck action were high and with a little hard work, Randy was rewarded with a large 7.5 yr. old buck.

Chris Ellis with cameraman John Sharp was able to get on film a large 6-pt management buck. His tag was an incentive tag that Chris got from doing his part in harvesting some does in an urban area hunt.

-The Kisky's

The Team Kisky members have been taking full advantage of the bucks rut movement.

11-10 - Monster 8!

Hello Friends!

I just wanted to share my latest bowkill from Iowa. Don was filming me and I got to shoot this incredible 164" 8-pointer. One of the bucks G-2's is 14 1/2 inches so needless to say I am pumped. We also got some trail pics of this character. I Can't wait to see more coming in from everyone!

-Kandi Kisky

This tall tined buck was no match for Kandi...All smiles here!

11-09 - November's Hot!

What can we say, but this season has been fantastic for the Kisky Team members! We are even more pumped that it has been a year for the books for many of our forum members, may we all continue to enjoy this time of year.

As it turns out November 6th was another good day to be out in the field. On this day Ryan took some quality time to spend with his daughter Hunter out in the field. It wasnt long before Hunter was able to put her first deer of many in the books. The smiles are very large and wide for Hunters parents Ryan and Jill, we are all so proud of her!

New Team member John Sharp realized his hunting dreams this day as well! John was hunting along cameraman Chris Ellis and was able to capture the harvest of a 170 3/8 brute on film. What makes this event even better is that it was the first harvest on film for this duo! We look for many great things to come from this tandem. This is Johns 10th year bow hunting and what a way to celebrate it with his birthday right around the corner.

-Team Kisky

There isn't much better than these two hunter's both experiencing "Firsts" in the field.

11-05 - More news from the McCann/Schulz camp

Just to give you a little more information on what happend this past week. November 4th proved to be the greatest day for the McCann/Schulz team. They were hunting a stand without any success, so they decided later that morning to jump in the bad boy buggy and sneak into another stand to finish the morning hunt. As things progressed. they were actually thinking about getting down out of the stand a couple of times when Ryan said to Herb "There is a big buck!!" soon Herb got on the buck and the buck walked underneath the tree!! Ryan drew and the buck started to take off and Ryan made a great shot!! To to things off, the very next morning John McCann, Ryan's dad, shot a beautiful 140" buck. Unfortunately John's buck wasn't on camera because the boys were filming interviews for Ryan's hunt. Many Congratulations are in order!!!! This is the biggest buck for the Kisky Team this year.

-Don and Kandi

Another great look at Ryan's buck! Notice that besides having a huge rack, this buck has the body to match.
John didn't thin Ryan should be the only one having some fun!

11-04 - Team Members Connect!

On November 4th 2004 Ryan McCann shot a 201 2/8" mega giant (look for a feature soon). Herb Schulz was behind the camera!!! Also Randy Birdsong filmed Jason Bosaw shoot a mid 150"s buck in Illinois this morning. CONGRATULATIONS!!! We are so proud of them!! Just wanted to share the photo with you all.

-Don and Kandi

Jason has nothing but smiles with his first buck captured with Team Kisky.
No doubt that this buck is a real "Mouth Dropper." Nov 4th may go down as the Team's best day ever!


10-24 - Don's turn for a Muzzy Moment!

Hey everyone!! Last night Don shot a great 150's buck on film!! Great shot!! We had decided to do a rattling sequence at the last 20 minutes of shooting light. First, two does came out and started eating in the Buck Forage Oats food plot. When all of a sudden they started looking across the food plot and Don said "Big Buck" I then moved the camera arm over to start filming the buck when the doe's caught me. I thought oh no! They snorted at us and the Buck was then nervous. The does ran off but the buck didn't. He very slowly decided to move in our direction. Don let the buck come directly under our tree and placed a perfect double lung shot on the buck. After we celebrated, we realized that we had some great trail camera pictures of this buck out of the same field we shot him from.


With Kandi already on the board, it was only a matter of time before another great deer was Muzzy Struck.
This praticular buck was fond of this field from summer until this hunt.

10-11 - Kandi's First Muzzy Moment!

As we said we have been out combing a lot so we could get out into the woods once the season in Iowa began. Yesterday, It was Kandi's turn to sit n the first night on the farm and what a hunt it was. This tree has been very productive for us in the past. Kandi has shot a 154", a broken 170, and this 150" while also filming Tiffany's 162 droptine from it. We actually have several encounters with particular buck when he was 2 1/2 and we saw him twice again when he was 3 1/2. Kaleb and Kandi also picked up his sheds this past spring. As you can see from the summer trail pics, this buck was quite visible for an old fella.

-The Kisky's

With a start to the season like this...things are looking good.
It's nice when you can put offseason sightings together.

10-05 - Early Season Harvest Success

Our Team members are now out in full force. Like everyone weve already experienced some though days of not seeing much, then have things turn around the next time out for some great early season action. Early season is a great time to be harvesting does before the rut approaches and as you can see our guys have been doing a great job of that. Its important for any hunter that is serious about having a quality herd to take some time to do just this. Way to go guys! Here is a break down of whats been happening with Team Kisky:

As you can see from the pics below, Don and Kandi have been busy trying to get the crops harvested before the hunting action really gets going. Don is sure itchy to get up into a stand soon and let some arrows fly. Speaking of that, time is flying by fast and soon well be hunting again in Wisconsin, Kansas, and Illinois and in our home state of Iowa.

Randy Birdsong started out in Wyoming Sept 19-23rd, and saw many great bucks. On September 22nd he finally got the wind right to hunt the spot that he had been watching big bucks all week long. That evening Randy harvested his great buck.

Since then, Randy has been scouting in Illinois and hanging stands... seeing some absolute eye poppers in Illinois, so it should be good for us over there. This past weekend Randy went up to Buffalo County Outfitters to get his doe out of the way for the earn a buck system that Wisconsin has in place. Randy can now harvest a buck on his return trip 21-25th of October.

Next weekend its off to Illinois for Randy to video the youth hunt for Jeff Williams at The Bottoms. Randy will stay after words for the next week and hunt our ground in Illinois with his hunting partner Jason Bosaw.

Doug Hollandsworth made his way up to Indiana from Tennessee to hunt with Matt Seaton on the opening weekend of bow season in hopes of having a chance at a monster buck. Since Doug drove 3 1/2 hours, he got the first three hunts of the year. To make a long story short, he only had a chance at a fawn button buck and saw two does the evening before in the buck oats food plot.

Now it was Matt's turn, so they decided to hunt a persimmon patch that they had to have a North wind to hunt. When they bumped a few deer on the way in they had confidence tonight's hunt was going to be good. With light fading two does made their way out of the persimmons heading to a freshly picked cornfield. Within 30 seconds the first doe was taken at 10 yards with a 100-grain Muzzy 4 blade blowing through her and sticking in the ground on the other side. The doe filled the viewfinder as the action unfolded and 30 yards later the doe piled up and they have their first video harvest of the year.

Most recently, our good friends John Sharp and Chris Ellis have been out since the Iowa opener. John Sharp was able to film Chris Ellis take two doe harvests on film. The first harvest was on Oct. 2nd, and then again the very next morning on Oct. 3rd.

We look forward to bring you more updates as the season moves forward!
-Team Kisky

As you can see growing big bucks is not all glamour...it takes a lot of hard work year round to maintain your land
especially when it's a working crop farm as the Kiskys have.
Often taking a mature doe is just as hard and rewarding of a task as taking an ol' Mossy Horns.
Looks like Team kisky is going to be eating a lot of fresh backstraps this early season.


9-12 - Western Round-up

September 1st-10th:
The first hunt of the year for Kisky Team was in Sundance Wyoming with RK Outfitters. Ryan, Jill McCann and Don and Kandi were all there to hunt. We started off seeing some great bucks, but the hot weather was making for tough hunting conditions. On the fourth day, Don and Ryan went out on a great piece of ground that RK Outfitters has, and shot a great buck on film. Ryan's buck is the first kill for the new video - Muzzy Struck. Don and Kandi also saw a bunch of deer plus some giant mulies. They were so close on a giant mulie, but we just didn't have enough days to seal the deal. After Don and Kandi left, Ryan filmed his wife Jill shoot her first buck ever!! She is so excited. Others that shared the camp with Kisky Team were Bill Jordan, Bill Winke, Kyle Hicks, Rick White, Matt Morrett, Phillip Vanderpool, John Tate, Nick Mundt, Rick and Julie Krueter from RK Outfitters, and their guide Chili and Jeff from Seven J Outfitters. We all shared lots of laughs and good times. Rick White was the first one in camp to shoot a great buck on film and to top it off the buck was still in velvet. Extending our fun, we took a trip up to have lunch with The North American Whitetail crew. As you can tell, there was lots of story telling. Go to www.rkoutfitters.com to book a hunt with RK Outfitters for the 2005 season.

Click here to view all of the pictures from the hunt:   Wyoming 2004

September 8-12th:
Don met up with Mitch Hagen and Steve Snow from HS in Colorado for their Colorado elk hunt. The very first night they went hunting Don and Mitch went one way to scout and Steve went another. Don and Mitch got on a bull right away. The bull came in from forever to about 50 yards and Mitch shot him. This is Mitch's first elk and Don was filming it for Hunter Specialties Elk video - Primetime Bulls. They saw some more elk but just couldn't get on any more. (pictures coming soon)

Next on Team Kisky's hunting trip is off to Wisconsin for the season opener.

Check Back Soon!!

     What a way to kick off the season - Congrats Ryan!!!

9-02 - Kiskys Season Starts!

Well we are off to the mountains of Colorado for an Elk hunt that we have long been waiting for. This is the same location where we took our summer vacation (see below). Prior to our leaving we spent a lot of time glassing and filming some great bucks. The Bad Boy Buggy has sure allowed us to get just a little closer to those mature bucks. When we return from our trip we will share more photos of what we have been seeing with you. Shown below is a couple of photos of Don using the Buggy for filming...as you can see it works out well and gives you lots of room to store our equipment. Once we get back we'll be off to Wisconsin for the opening weekend hunting with a good friend of ours. After that it will be time to harvest our crops and get ready for hunts in Kansas, Illinois and on our home farm in Iowa. Can things get any more exciting! In between hunts we will do our best to keep you all up-to-date on our lastest happenings. Good Luck to you all...hunt smart...hunt safe!

-The Kisky's



8-13 - Kiskys Road Trip II
Don, Kandi, Ryan, and Herb flew down to Atlanta Georgia for a week full of activities. Our guide for the week was David Langston from Muzzy Products Corp. It started on August 4th with a visit to Realtree's office for Muzzy Day. This is the day where Ginger and Jesse Morehead take many of the Realtree gang's bows and get them ready for season. They set up the Muzzy Zero Effect rest and handed out fresh broadheads for the season. It was easy to see that Jesse is a master at setting bows up.

Later on, we all took a break to enjoy the famous buffalo wings Realtree is always talking about. After a full meal and some laughs, we got to watch Steve Finch edit some of Realtree Roadtrips upcoming shows. We also got to sit down and speak with Michael Waddell, Ashley Waddell, Steve Finch, John Tate, David Blanton and Rod. Bill Jordan was spending quality time with a child for the Make a Wish Foundation. Realtree is always doing everything they can for children and people in need.

August 5th had us all off to the Muzzy Products office for a tour of the facilities. Once inside, we got to see firsthand how each broadhead and the awesome rests are produced. I bet you didn't know that they inspect each blade that goes through the plant for quality. What a great group of people, the employees we courteous and friendly and we took time to meet everyone from shipping, packaging, and production from Muzzy. Also discussed details of the upcoming video. Of course the boys had to stop for a little bass fishing. Don caught his first Georgia bass. In between activities, John Musacchia, Jrs dog, Muzz, put on a great show.

August 6th we went to Fort Binning for the ASA world championships. Jesse and Ginger Morehead were competing in the pro division we watched as they calmly shot at the targets. All we can say is that the deer are in trouble again this year! Ginger ended up that day 10 points up in the lead. During the shoot, we got to exchange conversations with many great archers including the owner of the ASA Tournament Mike Tyrell. I believe the kiss was her lucky charm.

August 7th Ryan and Herb were having such a good time; they stayed for the last day of the shoot. By the end of the day Ginger was winning going into the final shootout that night and she ended up winning the ASA World Championship in the Women's Pro division by 14 points over the next archer. The shootout was commentated by Michael Waddell and Travis Turner aka T-bone. Ginger is the top lady in the 3D world, not to mention a great individual to be associated with. We had lots of fun strategizing for the upcoming deer season and sharing Stories with them.

Jesse and Ginger Morehead have both won the ASA World Championship several times and currently tour the US in a Realtree Advantage Max-4 camo motor home with a bunch of great sponsors to back them up All of the events where filmed for the behind the scenes section for the next Kisky Productions/Muzzy video release.

Thanks to Realtree and Muzzy for having us.

Don, Kandi, Ryan and Herb



7-22 - Kiskys hit the road!
Southern Iowa is beautiful in the summer, but like anyone else, it is nice to break away from the everyday routines and go on a family vacation. Our destination was Adams Lodge in Meeker, Colorado. Don has the opportunity to go on a fantastic Elk hunting trip here later this year so we though wed take in a little pre-season scouting while having fun catching some beautiful trout in the mountains. The loge and people were fantastic through out our stay. To get to our destination, we would all ride on horseback eight miles up and into the mountains. Once nestled into the secluded area we would hit the streams and lakes for some great fishing action. Our woman guide really knew her way around and put us on some trophy fish. If you ever get the chance to make it out in this beautiful area, wed highly recommend you visit the mountains of Colorado. Our trip back was fill with the days stories and adventures while watching the day set in the wilderness. We took plenty of photos, but they dont do the area justice. We also looped around to take in some pre-season scouting in the Kansas area that well be hunting this upcoming season. Watch out Kansas monsters! If you are interested in the lodge we stayed at, here is the link to their web site:

-The Kisky's

P.S. Stayed tuned the summer buck sightings are going to get hot!
These are some of the view Don will be taking in this fall on his Elk hunt.
Catching fish like this made the trip that much better!


6-28 - Crops Emerging!
Just though I would keep everyone updated on our food plots here in Iowa. The corn is getting by so far, close to 6ft now and the clover looks nice. I, with the help of some friends, worked very hard this spring and planted a lot of apple trees around the plot edges along with some persimmons. We chose trees large enough to produce right away to kick things off. As you can see by the photos...they will be some real deer magnets once they start dropping. Giving whitetails as much variety to eat as possible will really go a long ways to improve your chances to keep the mature deer around all year long.

-Don Kisky

Try varying your food plats to not only provide good nutrition for your herd, but also to hedge against the weather.
This year we've had more than our share of rain on the farm, yet as you can see, some plantings are doing alright.

6-06 - Rain Rain Go Away!
Its now late spring, and what have the Kisky's been up to? After getting our plantings in during turkey season, like all the Midwest, we went through a terrible wet spell that was really hard on our crops & food plots. We desperately now need two weeks of Hot/Dry weather. Our tallest corn is waist tall and beans are now close to six inches. By the time the beans start getting waist tall, we should start seeing some great bucks. We cant wait to glass some giants! Right now we are trying to get the weeds sprayed in the fields and occasionally might get a chance to do a little fishing with our good friends. Many people have asked to see what some of our food plots looks like so we snapped a few images to share as well as what we do on some of our Off days.

-Don Kisky

Clover plots tucked in a secluded area surrounded by heavy cover really bring out the big bucks!
Our plots are often striped with a mix of plantings, and are highly effective in attracting deer.
The picture on the right shows a strip of beans next to a strip of corn.
There is not much better this time of year than spending it with friends, especially when the fish are biting!
The Gregory's joined us on this fishing excursion.


5-03 - Potts pops In!
Just wanted to share with everyone that Stan and Brenda arrived Thursday April 29th here on our farm in Iowa. We greeted them, and then Brenda shot her gun. We started to talk when we saw big toms in the bottoms in front of our house. Well after talking strategy we decided to go after them. After calling at the birds for an hour finally we got one to break and the big gobbler came to within 10 yards. Stan put a great shot on the bird. Be on the lookout as Stan travels cross-country in the NAW (North American Whitetail) truck.

-Kandi Kisky

Stan and Brenda Potts show how they have the knack for showing up and getting in on the action quickly.


4-25 - Doubling up on Gobblers!
This past week I made my way to the Kisky farm to hunt the third season in Iowa. My trip from Western Wisconsin to Southern Iowa yielded not one roadside view of a single turkey, so I figured that Don and Kandi must have the whole states population corralled up somewhere. But seriously, after a few warm welcomes Kandi and myself circled the farm looking where I should set up for the evenings hunt. That evening produced a close call with the bow. I had a few hens, eight jakes and two adult toms all working around. The turkeys in general were still pretty henned upand seemed to be hanging up on every decoy combination I placed out over the few days. So naturally only the jakes provided me with a shot while the toms strutted out of my shot comfort zone. Friday morning...I thought I could outsmart the toms by moving my setup to where they were the day before. Not long after daybreak, five toms came in on a rope to my set upgobbling and strutting constantly. Again, once the birds saw my decoys they hung up, but this time within range. As my luck would have it, I did not have a clear shot and need the birds to come around just a bit more. Just as they did...I came to full draw. Unfortunately the lead tom started walking away and they all soon followed not stopping to give me a shot. To add insult to injury, they walked right past where I had been the evening before. Deciding I had enough with the bow huntingI quickly made it back and grabbed the shotgun. It wasnt long before I had another nice tom coming in, but like the other mature birdshe hung up as well. Long story shortI missedso OK, stick the big L on my forehead. The rest of the day did not produce anything more for me other than a nice midday nap against a wide oak. As they say third time is a charm. Early Saturday morning I talked over the hunt with Don and he led me to a field that had been hot. I would hunt the hot field while Don and Kandi hunted along with the Turkey Master for the year Kaleb in another hotspot. They set up in a field dubbed the cemetery and waited to put an old gobbler to rest. It wasnt long after light that the trio of Kiskys had the birds working to the calls. Once they saw the Spring Jealousy it sealed the deal. The long beard came in on a rope to the decoy. And soon enough Kaleb toppled the bird over. The action was all caught on film with Kalebs gobbler being a 20lb plus bird with an 11 beard. My morning wasnt going so wellall of the birds had dropped down to the field where they had been the evening before. By 7:15 only a lone hen had crossed my path. As the birds started to sound further and further away, I could not take it any longer and decided that if they would not come to me I would go to them. After a long ambushI was able to pop out of a creek bottom and lay a tom down. My gobbler was also a 20lbs plus bird and had a 9 3/8 beard. After a passing a few congratulations it was time for me to head back to Western Wisconsin. The hospitality is always great on the Kisky farm with some good times and good food being shared. It was a hunt to remember for sure.

Good luck to all who is hunting yet,
Shawn Vanlandingham & The Kisky's

With some hard work, patience and skill toms can be taken during the "henned up" phase as the pictures show.

4-20 - Highlights from the Boys vs. Girls with Realtree Road Trips!
The Realtree Road Trips Iowa turkey hunt was a great one to remember. There were lots of laughs following some turkey kills on film. The first morning yielded a great miss for the women and then a great turkey kill with shotgun shot by Kandi. This put the women up by one. On the first day the boys chased a lot of turkeys but came up empty handed.

The second day the women had lots of great encounters but didn't close the deal. This time it seemed like the gobblers were really henned up. The boys did come back in the morning with a great kill on a gobbler shot by Michael Waddell. So now the score was one to one. That evening we had a great online chat at kisky.com with the Kisky board members. Lots of questions were addressed to Michael and the rest of the gang.

The third day. The women were anxious to pull ahead of the boys, but were not successful in the attempt. Don came back from his hunt with Lee with another great gobbler.

All in all it was a great time, good friends and great stories. Those who attended the Kisky's hunt were the following: Michael Waddell, Ashley Snipes, Steve Finch, Mark Wulmak, Ron Skoronski, Ryan McCann, Lee and Tiffany Lakosky along with the Kisky's. We all look forward to this awesome turkey show on Realtree Road Trips TV in the future.

Safe Hunting!!!
The Kisky's

This truck may be coming to your area on the next Road Trip.         Always time for a few laughs.
Micheal with his gobbler.         Enjoying eachother's company after the hunt.
Kandi and Ashley showing off the Girls score!        Don checking this bad tom out. 
The Girls took the early lead in the shootout.        The Crew takes time to pose with the days success.


3-28 - Sheds for Da'Boys!
Seems like the horns are really scattered this year. Our total is around 80 sheds so far. The top four shed we have score 85", 83", and two at 80" respectively. Many of the biggest bucks we were not able to find due to the weather warming up at the end of February, allowing our deer to scatter all over the country. No matter what, its always fun to go out with family and friends, especially the youngsters. We are about done with WE#4 which will be released July 1st. We are switching gears here just thinking about Team Realtree coming for Turkey season.

-Don Kisky

Some sheds are big...some show potential.        Ethan with a nice find.
Chalk up a nice one for Kaleb!        Da' Boys and their efforts.

3-08 - Sheds a Plenty!
March is here, meaning that the Shed-hunting season is in full gear. Recently, we did a round up of friends for a weekend shed hunt. All of the guys attending this past weekend were Steve, Mitch, Herb, Jim, Ryan, and Don. As you can see from the pictures, the guys had some good finds. The picture with Herb Schulz holding the monster shed is from Steve Snow's farm. Look for the footage of this giant on HS's new 2004 video. The second picture is when Herb decided to act like a squirrel and add a little humor to a long day of shed hunting! Don is doing his part, racking it up with 60 sheds so far this year.

-The Kisky's


Most people would be thrilled to have one side of this
giant buck. As you can see, Steve is posting with both
sides to this trophy. And is that a squirrel...no a
porcupine...no it's just Herb taking a break in the tree.


2-09 - A New Chapter Begins
We had so much fun bringing you our season updates, that we once again will be sharing our time in the woods with you as the winter progresses into the fall.

Starting the 2004 notes off is a couple of ealry sheds found by our friend Matt Seaton. This is one of the great bucks we hope to see on film in the coming year should lucky find our way.

-The Kisky's

I guess you could say "Hunter Matthew" has his hands full!        Shed hunting becomes very rewarding when
you find a set like this.

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