Bob Whitlock is 41 years old and is from NJ. He was introduced to hunting by his dad Bob at an early age. He didn't take up bow hunting until an old acquaintance at the age of 15 showed him how to shoot a bow. It was then that a new passion was born.

For the past 10 years or so is when he started focusing on the quality of the hunt instead of the final result. Bob's motto: to be successful in the Whitetail woods you need to spend as much time as you can out there. Because of the lack of quality Whitetails in his home state, he spends on average about 4 to 5 weeks a year in great states such as Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, North Dakota, and Wisconsin.

Jason Bosaw

Randy Birdsong is a 22 yr. old mid-western boy that eats, breathes, and sleeps big mature whitetails! Randy has hunted all over the mid-west in search of whitetails, and has several pope and young animals to his credit. When not in front of the camera, he is usually busy being behind it for his good friend and hunting partner Jason Bosaw, both are from Southern Illinois.

Tom Ware is no stranger to the woods. Born and raised in central Illinois, Tom was introduced to the sport of shooting waterfowl along the Illinois River by his dad, Bill. Although Tom loves to shoot ducks, it was the whitetail deer that always held his curiosity.

Tom received his Bachelors degree in Marketing in 1991 and began his work life. Although successful in business, in 1999 Tom decided to combine his education and love for the outdoors and became an outfitter. The marketing degree is evident on his website at He now grows big whitetails on over 6200 acres in the famed Pike County Illinois. Tom is best known for his attention to detail and pursuit of excellence in putting his customers on tremendous bucks. He strictly enforces a 140 inch minimum, deeply believes in minimum pressure, and plants several food plots; but, what separates Tom from the rest, is his relentless drive in gaining whitetail knowledge and putting in his time a field.

Tom insists on being able to hunt himself to enable him to keep up on the deer trends. He has been successful on many nice bucks of his own including a 167" in 2004 and a 170" on film in 2005 for the Kisky's new video "Whitetail Freaks".